It's so boring always to look into WINGs sources when I need info about some function in wdm development. I'm starting new project to create WINGs docs. All docs will be in man format. Why man? Because zsh is very good in completing man pages names, so searching for particular function or getting function list is trivial.

All docs integrated into WINGs sources. Sources processed with Doxygen. All doxygen generated files converted to Docbook XML format, that can be easily converted to any other format.

Docs distributed in different forms. Full version contains all files I use in creating man pages. It includes even WINGs sources. This tarball is rather large. XML-verison contains only XML source pages. If you want to create docs in HTML or PDF or any other format, use this tarball. Third form contains final man pages. Most people should prefer this one. There's also patch that add docs to current cvs version of WINGs.

All docs including those in XML, man pages or patch format distributed in terms of GNU FDL. All scripts used to create those docs distributed in terms of GNU GPL.

WINGsman-0.1 is pre-alpha release. Tarballs doesn't have any README, INSTALL ChangeLog or COPYING. All of this will be add later.


 — Patch to WINGs. All docs created in WINGs sources, and then processed with doxygen and docbook xsl. This patch is almost empty now.


 — Man-pages. This is what you probably want. All files are generated. There's no descriptions, only function names and arguments.

Note: there's no install scripts, just many man-pages.


 — The same with better compression.


 — XML sources of man pages. This tarball is for those, who want docs in other formats (HTML, PDF...).

Note: there's also no build scripts.


 — The same with better compression.


 — Full project archive. You don't need it. It is huge. It contains WINGs in three little different forms and all scripts for generating docs.


 — The same with better compression.