wdm combines the functions of a graphical display manager identifying and authenticating a user on a system with some of the functions of a session manager in selecting and starting a window manager. Optionally, wdm can shutdown (reboot or halt) the system.

wdm is a modification of XFree86's xdm package for graphically handling authentication and system login. Most of xdm has been preserved (XFree86 with the Login interface based on a WINGs. Tom Rothamel's "external greet" interface (see AUTHORS) was used to communicate wdm with wdmLogin.

wdm is released under the GNU GPL. See file COPYING for license and warranty information.

See the INSTALL file for information about configuration and installation

Old mailing list is dead as far as I know. You can subscribe to new mailing list at wdm mailing list subscription page.

There's #wdm channel on irc.ornet.ru. You can also find me at #windowmaker channel irc.freenode.net.


 — Latest wdm version.


 — The same but with better compression.

Previous versions of wdm available in archive.


wdm-1.28 released. Added welsh translation, several critical bugs were fixed.


wdm-1.27 released. Added french translation and SELinux support. Now I can test if wdm is compilable under FreeBSD. I still cannot test if it is runable there.


wdm-1.26 released. Many bugfixes. Added chezh (by Vladimir Nadvornik) and spanish (by Manolo Padron Martinez) translations. wdm now can be compiled with -Wall and -Werror. Some parts of code were removed. More unusable code will be removed later. xdm source tree no longer included in tarball.


wdm-1.25 released. It was planned to be bugfix release but ended as normal version. Bugs was fixed. Option controlling login panel geometry was added. Support for antiliased fonts was added (works only with CVS snapshots of libWINGs).


wdm-1.24 released. Logging functions was rewritten. Now it's possible to redirect error/debug messages to syslog or to file. Pixmaps was moved to /usr/share/pixmaps/wdm by default (by Julio Merino). Option to select on whic display login panel will appear when using xinerama was added (with help from Carlos Torres). Configure script was rewritten. Redundant tests was removed. Now get-wings-flags script is used to determine compiling and linking options. Tests for selecting pam/shadow was improved. Current defaults should be good for almost everyone. New option to select xcursors theme was added (only for XFree86 4.3.x).


wdm-1.23 released. The most noticable changes is: added german translation, translated default help text, fixed animations in wdmLogin (with great help from Michael Buesch). Other changes is not visible to end user, but that is preparation for big changes. :)


wdm-1.22.1 released. This is bugfix release. In wdm-1.22 I forgot to update pam service name in new xdm base.


New wdm-1.22 available. There's two main changes: wdm is now based on xdm from XFree86-, wdmLogin is now translated into russian and japanese. Also there's some minor changes in wdmLogin, ie. windowmanagers list is now unlimited.


Release, finally. :) I have applied all patches, used in package built for Sisyphus, and patch from Debian. Build system rewritten without using automake.


I have taken over development of wdm. Today I've finished developing this page. I'm working on wdm-2.0. As things will progress, I'll make sources available online. Version 2.0 will be released after I'll update xdm to latest available version.